York Architecture Walk

Sunday 29th September 2019
(Multiple Dates Between Sunday 29th September 2019 & Sunday 6th October 2019)

Lucky York! So many fabulous buildings!

All through the 19th century, everyone thought York would be the most important inland town and so they built to last and they built well.

Western Australia’s most important early architects had a hand in designing York:

  • Richard Roach Jewell (Government House, the Barracks Arch)
  • Joseph Nunan (Fenian convict)
  • James Wright (Perth’s first consulting architect)
  • George Temple-Poole (famous gold rush government architect)
  • JJ Talbot Hobbs (wartime hero)
  • William George Wolf (His Majesty’s Theatre)
  • Christian Mouritzen (who worked with Poole)

This two hour tour will cover the great architects, buildings and styles of York and will be given on the first two Sunday afternoons during the York Festival 2019 commencing at 2 pm from the architectural wonder, the Town Hall:  Sunday 29 September and Sunday 6 October.

The walk is free.  Tour limit 80 people.

Event Details

Time: 2pm

Venue: York Town Hall, 81 Avon Terrace (cnr Avon Terrace and Joaquina St)


Contact: The York Festival

Organisation: The York Festival

Event Date(s)

  • Sunday 29th September 2019
  • Sunday 6th October 2019