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With our busy lifestyle we often don’t take the time to appreciate some of the wonderful attractions we have on our doorstep. As you know York is the first inland town. Why not do a walk or drive in an area that is rich in History and Heritage.

We are fortunate to have some of the most outstanding areas of bushland within the proximity to the Perth Metropolitan area. We have 13 Self Drive Tours and The Avon Historic Tourist Drive.

There are over 9 different walks within our area; these feature some of the natural and heritage attractions in our district.

Self drive tour guides and walk trails are available to download below and can also be obtained from the York Visitor Centre in the York Town Hall, 81 Avon Tce York. Put on your walking shoes and see what we have in and around York.

Download the free APP at the York Town Hall for the Avon Terrace audio guided heritage trail. This walk takes you on a heritage guided tour along the main street of York and tells the history of the buildings as you pass them. Simply search 'Shire of York Trails & Tours'.



  • Wear suitable shoes and clothing.
  • Take a hat and sun protection.
  • Take plenty of water with you.
  • Tell someone where you are going, and when you will return. Take all your rubbish away with you.


  • Wander away from the designated track.
  • Pick wildflowers or native flora as it is an offence.
  • Light fires, unless in an area designated for that purpose.

Self Drive Tours

To download our Self Drive Tours click on the links below.

Please note that some of our Self Drive Tours are currently being updated and are temporarily unavailable to download.

Self Drive Tour 2 - Railway Road

Self Drive Tour 3 - Spencers Brook Mokine Road

Self Drive Tour 5 - Helena Road

Self Drive Tour 5a - the Lakes to York Via Helena Road

Self Drive Tour 5b - Alernative to York via Mt Observation

Self Drive Tour 7 - Ghost Towns

Walk Trails

Walk Trail - Avon

Walk Trail - Golf Links Reserve

Walk Trail - Mount Brown

Walk Trail - Mount Observation