Archery in the Park

Past Event

For thousands of years, humans have used the bow and arrow for hunting and warfare. Today, you can buy bows equipped with devices and sights to help you aim accurately and hit a bull’s-eye almost every time they’re drawn.

But ancient archers had to learn how to aim without sights. This skill — called instinctive shooting — requires years of trial and error to master. Through consistent practice, the body and mind intuitively learn how to adjust the aim of the bow to accommodate different shooting distances. Instinctive shooting is a lot like throwing a baseball or shooting a basketball.

To successfully shoot a bow and arrow intuitively, you’ve got to try not to try, because the moment you start trying too hard to aim, you end up missing the target completely. So it goes in life as well. 

Event Details

Time: 10.00AM - 4.00PM

Venue: Monger Reserve (next to Sunnie's Carriage Diner) South St, York


Contact: The York Festival


Event Date(s)

  • Saturday 12th October 2019

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