Shire of York – Events & Public Gatherings

Published on Tuesday, 17 March 2020 at 3:19:40 PM

The Shire is receiving a number of enquiries regarding the approaching event season and how the latest Government advice regarding social distancing and public gatherings applies to scheduled events and events currently under assessment by the Shire for approval.

The social distancing and public gathering measures introduced aim to mitigate the spread of the virus and include:

  • limiting non-essential organised gatherings to fewer than 500 people
  • sanitizing your hands wherever possible, including entering and leaving buildings
  • using tap and pay rather than handling money
  • try and travel at quiet times and try to avoid congestion / crowds
  • encouraging all Australians to exercise personal responsibility for social distancing measures

These measures are of most importance for people over 60, particularly those with chronic disease. 

The Shire will continue to assess existing event applications in accordance with the Shire’s Public Events Policy and associated guidelines, taking into consideration the latest advice from the Dept. of Health.

Event Organisers

Event organisers are reminded that they are responsible for observing and implementing precautionary measures in accordance with the Dept of Health guidelines. It is important that a thorough risk assessment is made by the event organiser to assess and ensure they have the resources available to implement the additional measures required. If you are organising a gathering / event, consider whether you can postpone, reduce size / frequency or cancel the event. If you decide to go ahead, you should assess the risks and reconsider any aspect that may increase risk of transmission. 

For more information about public gatherings, go to the information on public gatherings at


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