The 2023 Canola season has now finished, and the farmers are preparing to harvest their crops. 

Canola generally flowers mid-August into September dependent on seasonal rainfall, varying flowering times and durations each season.

Canola is Australia’s major oilseed crop and Western Australia's third largest crop behind wheat and barley. Canola is used as a food-grade oil, as stock feed and for biofuel production.

Canola for Tourism locations are the specifically planted for visitors to walk through Canola and take photos during the annual Canola season (i.e. Pet Teet Park).

Outside Canola for Tourism locations, it is illegal to enter private Canola properties. There are many risks including snakes, chemical spraying and biohazard risks you pose to the crop.


  • Stay out of crops
  • Park vehicles safely
  • Respect private properties

Canola Safety Signs For Farmers are available from the York Visitor Centre.

Contact the York Visitor Centre prior to your visit to avoid disappointment.

Canola in York Brochure