Meet the Owners of York Cottages

Published on Friday, 18 March 2022 at 12:00:00 PM

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Picture above: York Cottages owner Brenton and Gayle Jones

In January 2020 Brenton and Gayle Jones became the new owners of York Cottages. The property consisted of three gorgeous cottages and Burnley House. This gave them the opportunity to combat some of life’s challenges: Gayle was planning to retire from full-time corporate life and needed a new project, they wanted to accommodate Brenton's lovely mum Heather as she grows older and create a place for Brenton to retreat from his busy business in Perth.

Brenton and Gayle are on a journey of continuous improvement and revel in creating a place that they are proud of. The transformation of Burnley House into an elegant and beautiful short-term accommodation house has been one of their favourite projects to date. They have only achieved about half of their vision for the York Cottages property so far, so expect further changes to come.

Heather has become the animal whisperer since her arrival. Feeding the chooks, ducks and alpacas is part of her daily routine. Katie, the resident kangaroo, gets a thorough brush each day and is fed while she chats with Heather.

Owning the property for the past two years has given them so much joy. The work is demanding but the rewards are great. They are looking forward to welcoming you at York Cottages and Burnley House soon!

For more information about York Cottages and Burnley House, click here.


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