Be a part of the Solution, not the pollution

Published on Tuesday, 3 August 2021 at 1:14:32 PM

Roadsides and reserves in WA remain amongst the most littered areas of the State and the York Visitor Centre is committed to doing its part to encourage travellers to reduce litter and care for the environment by offering free outback packs to travellers.

How do i use it?

An Outback Pack provides all equipment to make waste collection and disposal easy! We encourage you to use the pack to collect any rubbish you might come across at local parks, reserves or attractions as you travel through our wonderful part of the world. Your outback pack includes:

Orange rubbish bags - used to collect light litter
Heavy duty reusable bag - for heavier items and sharp objects 
Car litter bags - use these again and again to keep your car tidy
Gloves - safety first!
Tongs - for collection of hazardous items
Report Card - to provide Keep Australia Beautiful with your litter observations. For every card KAB receive, a tree is planted in regional WA.

When you have filled your bags, place litter in an onsite bin or rubbish bins available in local parks or public amenities as you travel through the Wheatbelt.

The Outback Packs are sponsored by Keep Australia Beautiful and supported by Main Roads WA in partnership with the York Visitor Centre.

Outback packs are individually packed by students from WA high schools as part of the community service program, with over 60,000 Outback Packs distributed around Western Australia in the past three years.

Be part of the Solution - not the Pollution!

More details on the Outback Pack and other Keep Australia Beautiful Programs can be found here 

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