Old Sandalwood Yards & Tipperary School Museum

Avon Terrace, York
Sandalwood was one of the early Colony’s major
exports, and hundreds of cutters made a living
bush felling the wood which was brought to this
yard. It was stacked upright in the open to dry
and then carted to Fremantle to be shipped

Local potter in work, open Sat 1pm-5pm
and Sun 11am-5pm.

Originally located on Tipperary Farm, 8km north of York, this was one
of the very few remaining single teacher school
houses in the district. The building was dismantled
brick by brick and re-erected at the Sandalwood
Yards by a team of dedicated volunteers and
members of The York Society.
Tours available Sat 1pm-5pm, Sun 11am-5pm.